Why do you need it?

If you are the author of the manuscript, then you should be aware that some editions require the manuscript in the form in which it will be presented in the publication. But the text design (installation of the original layout from the constituent elements: typed text, headings, tables, illustrations) requires knowledge of nuances and experience that you may not have.
If you are the executive editor of a scientific publication, the burden of layout and responsibility for the appearance of the publication falls on you. This is a time-consuming job, the quality of which determines the success of the publication, for which you may simply not have enough time, even if you have experience in typesetting.

Important! Text design is a mandatory step in preparing materials for printing.

Our offer!

We offer services for converting a manuscript into a finished article (monograph, etc.) according to the specific requirements of a particular publisher.

How do we do it?

Text design is carried out by our specialists with many years of experience in working with international publications.

Our principles:

  • technical accuracy,
  • punctuality.

Service cost:

Cost from 20.00 UAH per page (depends on the complexity)
For accelerated execution of the order, the amount of payment is increased by 30%.
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