Why do you need it?

You need your text to be readable, professional, stylistically correct. The presence of grammatical and stylistic errors may even lead to the fact that your manuscript will be rejected by the editors, despite the scientific novelty. This novelty in case of poor-quality presentation of the manuscript may not be seen at all and the article will be rejected at the stage of reviewing.

Our offer!

Choose what you need:


Usually it is needed directly at the final stage. Normal proofreading of the text is performed when the semantic editing has already been completed.


Usually it is needed in order to leave only the main part of the text, removing all unnecessary from it, but preserving its content without changing the meaning.


Usually it is needed to eliminate shortcomings and errors in the text, which involves stylistic editing, verification of the accuracy of information, names, dates.


It involves a complete rework of the text source.

How do we do it?

Your text will be edited by an editor with many years of experience working with international publications in all four fields of science, according to the international classification:
  • Physical Sciences and Engineering,
  • Social Sciences and Humanities,
  • Health Sciences,
  • Life Sciences.

Service cost:

The cost is calculated for 1000 characters with spaces and depends on the complexity, volume and is discussed individually.

For customers from Ukraine:

"Editor" tariff
(included: proofreading, proofreading-reduction, processing) – from 40.00 UAH.
"Rewriter" tariff
(processing) – from 100.00 UAH.
For customers from abroad (calculated in euros, at the NBU rate, current on the day of the request):
"Editor" tariff
(included: proofreading, proofreading-reduction, processing) – from 5.00 EUR.
"Rewriter" tariff
(processing) – from 20.00 EUR.
For accelerated execution of the order, the amount of payment is increased by 30%.
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